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The Time Speaker Series

Imagine watching as your entire planet burns. You can hear the agonized cries of other sentient creatures as they die. The wall of flames rolls towards you, and as it gets closer your skin starts to burn. In a matter of seconds your flesh is turned to ash on your bones and the last thing you hear are your own screams.

You wake from such a nightmare and you know this was the vision of a real future event. What if you are the only one able to stop it? What would you sacrifice to save your entire planet?

This is my life. I am Hawk, the Time Speaker. Unfortunately, the biggest difficulty with being a Time Speaker isn't the propensity for madness, but that I do not experience time as a linear thing--it's no wonder I remember things backwards. But because of this, I can not tell you my story of being Hawk. Instead, let me tell it from the point of view of others.

Let us begin with Asha Kaan and the Aranan Psi Rebels,
in the Rise of Hawk...


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Welcome to the Time Speaker Universe!

Here you'll find competitions, book promotions, free books and writing, character profiles and much more extra information about TSU.

Above, you'll find the site has been split up into sections based under the names of the core books of the series: Time Speaker, Chaos Gate, etc. Each of these sections has free reading, character overviews, games, and other extra information relevant to the specific book.

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